The DR Smokehouse Story

DR Smokehouse was created out of a love for Family, Fun and Good Food. I was lucky to be born into a family were all our relatives lived in the same area and realy loved getting together for regular family BBQs. My Dad was famous for his BBQ Chicken, he created his own sauce which everyone loved. I grew up associating great food with the comfort of family and Friends. I learned how to cook BBQ from my Dad and carried on his recipes. As my Dad and Mom grew older I became the one cooking for the large family gatherings carrying on our Family Traditions of great Food and love of each other. We lived in a close neighborhood and our cookouts started to include neighbors, Friends and Family we were all one big family enjoying each ohters company and Great BBQ. People kept telling me I should open a restaraunt. I had the Entrepreneur spirit deep inside of me wanting to get out so I started developing my own techniques of cooking and smoking the meats of BBQ and took my Dads BBQ sauce and evolved it into my Award Winning BBQ Sauce, I also created my own unique Spice Rub influnced by my Dad as well. Once I had perfected all of these things I wnet to my neighbor who also is a great cook and said lets see how good this BBQ is by entering a BBQ Competition and see how it compares to other local serious BBQ.


We created a BBQ Team called it Backyard BBQ as that is were our BBQ was born. We entered our first Competition as amatures cooking Pulled Pork and Ribs, we won first place in both, but what got me excited was the part of the competition were all the teams amature and pro put samples out for the public to sample. We had a lot of people come back and tell us ours was the best tasting BBQ they sampled including the Pro Teams and wanted to know were our restaurant was located. We Entered our next Competition which included some of the same teams you have seen on Food Network, we were competing against the big boys who did this for thier living. WE ended up winning a ribon in chicken and surprising a lot of these guys. I was starting to believe so we entered another Competition as a Pro Team and ended up winning 1st in Pork, 1st in Ribs, and 2nd in Brisket winning the overall.


I was convinced and my neighbor and I created a catering company and renamed it DR SMOKEHOUSE as we found out during our competitions that Backyard is the catagory for amatures in competitions. My partner decided to get out as he enjoyed the competions but not the business. I was persistant and decided I would create a BBQ Food Truck to Build the Brand and develop a following of BBQ Lovers so we could eventualy open a brick and mortar restaurant were Famillys and Friends could socialize and enjoy the love of BBQ. 


I documented all our cooking procedures and recipies along with our procedures for running our Food Truck and Catering. My wife Cindy cooks all the sides, sauces, and rubs, and I have perfected smoking all the meats. Cindy and I are all about bringing Family, Friends, And The Love Of BBQ to all our customers.





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